When reports came out that Doc Rivers would begin to look for another coaching destination mouths dropped. Perhaps the biggest coaching name on the market since Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers is a proven elite coach in the NBA with a regular season record of 587-473 (.554%), post season record of 64-57 (.529%), and an NBA championship under his belt. A championship he beat Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and the Lakers for. And if things could not get anymore interesting it would be the rising LA Clippers to get Doc's services. Doc River's coaching experience, and elite system will not only make the stars of the Clippers better (Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, etc), but it makes them a legit team. With a legit system to run on the floor. No more being "lob city" a team you watch just for flashy plays, and dunks.

We saw what Rivers did without his best player, and elite point guard in Rajon Rondo last season. So imagine what he can do with Chris Paul who pushed LA management to get Rivers. The Clippers have been fun to watch since the beginning of the CP3 era, but now things will get serious in LA. And incase you're wondering this indeed makes them top dog in Los Angeles.