No good video for Duncan Keith. He likes to sit back away from the microphone so made it hard to hear him.


Q.   Duncan, has Jonathan Toews changed at all since the last time he

was on this stage?

      DUNCAN KEITH:  I don't know.  I don't really notice much.  I'm trying

to  worry  about my own game.  Noticing changes in his game, I don't really

think  so.   He  works hard, battles hard, competes every game, every shift

he's out there.


      Q.  Has Jonathan matured at all since the last Cup run?

DUNCAN  KEITH:   Definitely I think you mature as you get older probably on

and  off  the  ice  as  people  and  as players.  I think you just get that

experience and you understand that, hey, not everything is going to go your

way, not everything is going to be seen the same way from different people.

      I  think he's done a good job just keeping a level head.  That's what

makes him a great player.


      Q.   Facing  Rask this round, tough goaltender.  Considering the ones

you've faced lately, is it just one more guy?

      DUNCAN KEITH:  Yeah, obviously there's been a lot of talk about Rask.

Rightfully  so.   He's  played  great  for  them.  He's a big part of their


      I  think  we've  played  some good goalies in previous rounds.  We've

managed to find ways to score.  So hopefully we can do the same.


      Q.  What makes Coach Quennville an effective leader?

      DUNCAN  KEITH: He doesn't overdo things.  Whether it's meetings, just

holding court talking to the players, he keeps that presence about him that

when  he  does come in the room, has something to say, we listen.  He's not

in  there  holding  meetings every day, wearing guys out.  That's one thing

that stands out for me.

      On  top of that, I think he's just really a fair coach.  He demands a

lot, but he's fair.  I think he's seen a lot as a player and as a coach and

I think it helps him keep that level head, stay on even keel.  I think that

rubs off on the team.


      Q.  Has your relationship with Brent Seabrook changed at all?

DUNCAN  KEITH:   Yeah,  I  don't  know  if it's changed a whole lot.  Still

drives most of the time.  I don't know, I think we've been good friends off

the ice since day one.  We were paired up together early on in our careers.

We lived together our first year in the League.  He's a great player.  He's

easy  to play with.  For me, it makes it easy for me to play out there with


      I  think we have a good friendship off the ice.  We live close to one

another  in  Chicago, back home in British Columbia, too.  We get enough of

one another.  I'm sure he gets kind of sick of me once in a while.

      But I think just that friendship off the ice definitely can help your

chemistry on the ice, too.


      Q.  Conversations change, married, all that stuff.

      DUNCAN  KEITH:   95%  of our conversation is about hockey.  You know,

definitely  now  that  his  wife is pregnant, I've had a boy, you do talk a

little  bit  differently.   We're getting a little bit older now.  It's not

about  where  we  went  the  night before or anything like that.  It's more

we're getting a bit older.


      Q.   How  has  Patrick  Kane  matured and what have you seen with his


      DUNCAN  KEITH:   I don't know.  I think he's always been a little bit

misunderstood  in  some  ways.   Every  guy  likes  to go out and have fun,

especially  when you're a young guy.  He's no different.  Sometimes it just

kind  of  got  caught  on  camera,  pictures,  things like that.  Maybe one

incident sticks out in people's heads.

      To  me,  he's  always  been a good guy, a good teammate.  I think now

he's  got  a girlfriend.  You can tell, he's 24, turning 25, he's not 18 or

19  anymore.  It's kind of fun seeing him and Toews get a little bit older,

have  girlfriends.   They're starting to stay in on a Friday night, watch a

movie instead.


      Q.   Is  that one of the biggest differences with this team, compared

to 2010, the maturity of those guys?

      DUNCAN  KEITH:   Yeah, I don't know.  I think obviously they're three

years  older.   At the same time if we're talking Toews and Kane, they were

two of our best players the year we won.

      Yeah,  I  think  we've  all  matured  over the last few years.  We've

learned  a  lot,  especially  losing back-to-back years in the first round.

It's basically been the same team that's done that.

      We've  grown together a lot the last three years as a group.  I think

that's helped.