Sorry about the small picture but it is the best it will let me do. Listed here is the current Red Sox injuries at this point. For those who can't clearly see the photo it says Jacoby Ellsbury to return any day, Joel Hanrahan out for the season, Ryan Kalish 60 day DL, Will Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino on the 15-day DL. Much better than last year already as many players have been getting out there almost every game and feeling great! Though there have been small injuries week to week we have yet to see many major injuries that will effect the team for months to come. Compared to the other teams in the AL Eat between the Yankees (9 current injuries), Blue Jays (13 current injuries), Orioles (7 current injuries) and the Rays (5 current injuries) the Red Sox with their 5 are looking to be the most healthy team so far. Coming into the season many people were nervous about Napoli and the money he was getting with a potential injury coming up but so far he has been 100% healthy and looks great out there! If the Red Sox continue to be as healthy as they have been it looks like this year can go smoothly without too many on the DL. The one main injury that scared many Sox fans was David Ortiz at the end of Spring Training but since returning he has been unstoppable in his game hitting .333 in his first 39 games this year. Clay Buchholz had an injury for a few days cauing him to miss a start but June 2 against the Yankees after a 11 day rest he looked to be 100% going 6 innings in a rain shortened game with no runs on 2 hits allowed. The last point to look at is Dustin Pedroia who has yet to miss a game this year but apparently has been playing with a torn ligament in his finger but he says his injuries are private and will not share but rather keep playing at his best.