Even if you are a fan of a team outside of the American League East you have to have some passion for watching this division and its matchups. If you look at other divisions with a few exceptions you can make a few conclusions such as; Houston and Seattle will not reach the playoffs, Miami struggles to even win games at all like Houston. Atlanta is beginning to get away on the NL East and lastly glancing at the American League East you can see it is one of the closest tightrope divisions this year and here is an analysis looking at the teams and their matchups. 

First a few things to be said:

1. I am biased as a die hard Red Sox fan but I realize all teams in the AL East can and have beaten the Sox so I will not say the Sox are the best and will support all teams knowing all teams can win this divsion (Yes, even the Yankees) 

2. Though I may trash talk Blue Jay fans for coming into the season with World Series on the mind and dropping hard I won't admit it to a Jays fan face but I will admit I believe they have a chance to the wild card being only 8 spots out. I mean, the Sox did give up almost a 10 game lead in 2011. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! THAT IS WHY I LOVE BASEBALL!!!!

3. Lastly, nothing to do with the article it self but please help me out as a rookie writer doing this just as a hobby by leaving comments, tweeting or anything to suggest ideas for future writing or your thoughts on this article itself. Thanks and enjoy! Time to see why the AL East is the heart and soul of baseball and America.