Q.  (Question regarding Rozsival.)

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, all year, he probably didn't get the chance

to play those kind of minutes, but he certainly probably could have handled

it.   He  can  play  in  all  situations,  play  against top guys.  I think

offensively  he  has  the  puck a lot, has real good patience, pretty heavy

defender as well.

      Last night, he got a chance to get a little more opportunity to play,

played  all  situations.   I  thought he did a great job.  I thought he did

what we were hoping he'd do.

      He was like an old pro out there and did what he had to do.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   He's  been  a  good  fit for us.  He's got good

experience.  He's been around the league.  He gives us some size, some real

good  patience with the puck.  That presence was very noticeable last night

because I thought he had an excellent game, logged big minutes.

      I  think  getting him this year to our team, he added a nice piece to

it, a big element to our back end.


      Q.  (Question regarding finishing the series.)

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   Well,  we're  disappointed the way we went into

Game  3.   We want to make sure, and everybody has to be aware, tomorrow is

going  to  be  a  heck  of a battle.  Let's get ready for the start knowing

they're the Cup champs for a reason.

      Let's  go do what we have to do.  Games 1, 2 and 4 is the way we have

to play.  There's been a lot of good things in those games, but it was nice

to go in there and win a game in their building.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, I thought we progressively in this playoffs

have  gotten better as we've gone along here.  I think that's the character

of  our  team.  We're competitive.  We want to win.  We complement our team

game.  We try to play hard for one another.

      I  look  back  in that Detroit series, down 3-1, two games we lost in

their  building,  I thought we played alright.  We lost a couple real tough

games.   I  thought  that's  where  we  started  to  come  as  a game.  The

progression  in  our  team game has evolved, confidence we can score goals,

down on the ropes 3-1.

      We  got  a  lot  of momentum coming into this series, but I think our

game has even progressed going along right now.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:  Well, it was a big boost for us.  I know playing

without Dunks, a lot of minutes shared on the back end.  Tough building.  I

thought we talked a lot about it in Game 3.  I don't think we responded the

right  way.   Even  though  we  were down early in the first and second, we

found  a way to stick with it, we were doing the right things, got rewarded

in the end.

      It's  definitely  a  huge game to win there.  But now we got to go be

excited about tomorrow's game.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   I  thought  we played well.  I thought our team

game  had  a  real purpose to it.  I thought whether it was puck placement,

protecting  the puck, good forecheck, good zone time in the offensive zone,

odd-man rushes having to defend.  But I thought across the board, you know,

there's  four  defensemen that played a ton in that period, and they did an

excellent job in front of Corey.


      Q.  (Question regarding the power play.)

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   Well, I don't think it's a struggle.  I thought

we  did some good things with our power play in the series.  The production

maybe  not  reflecting the zone time, the quality, the momentum that you go

into  the  power  play  with.  I know the five-on-three was a disappointing

miss  last  night.  At the same time, they're a pretty good penalty killing

team as well.

      As  long  as  you don't lose the momentum, I think the power play has

been okay.  But certainly we'd like, you know, something to show for it.


      Q.  How did Duncan feel after the game?

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   I  don't  know  for sure.  But just judging and

gauging him after the game, he was really excited, happy for his teammates.

Generally it was nice to see him so happy.  He seemed happier than the guys

that were out there playing, so it's good.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:  They took away a couple plays down there we were

looking  for  down  low.   I  think  you've got a lot of options out there.

Certain guys maybe would have different play selections.

      But,  you  know,  we were in their zone for most of it, but we didn't

have the high-quality look.


      Q.   Do  you think you can have success while not having much success

on the powerplay?

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   You  look  in this round, I don't think there's

been too many power play plays rolling along here.

      Pittsburgh  had it going for the first couple.  But, you know, Boston

has a good penalty killing team.  L.A., Pittsburgh.  I think a lot of teams

right  now, they take away what you really want to do.  You got to get some

ugly goals, fortunate bounces.  When you get a chance, you have to bury it.

It's easier said than done.


      Q.  Paying attention to the East series?

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  We watched every game.  We watch it very closely.

So we'll watch tonight and see how it goes.


      Q.  (Question regarding Bryan Bickell.)

      COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, he's probably a little bit more comfortable

with the puck.  Seems to be finding him.  He's been friendly with it.  He's

dangerous off the rush.  Seems to be finding pucks at the net.

      Sometimes  they're going in for you.  Fortunate breaks as well.  He's

earned  it  by  being  physical, going to hard areas, bringing speed to our

lineup, playing in hard areas.

      We  talk  about  all  the  ingredients  that make up a power forward.

Putting  it  all  together  is  what we're looking for him to do right.  It

looks like he's doing a good job of it.


      Q.  (No microphone.)

      COACH  QUENNEVILLE:   That  could  be  part  of it.  I think with his

speed,  the  forecheck,  off  the  rush, he's a threat to shoot through the

screen.  He's got some other assets, as well.

      Right  now  you'd  have  to  commend  him  on  how  well he's putting

everything together.

      Thank you.