The moment we have been (im)patiently waiting for....

...and if you are anything like me, when the Bears picked Kyle Fuller you were sure the Steelers were going with Darqueze Dennard.

But Dick LeBeau pulled one over on us and selected Ryan Shazier from (no, I am not saying THE) Ohio State. This is a great pick. Do not take my non-excited post to think that I am upset about it. He's a great player and will be great at ILB for the Steelers. However, had you been at my house tonight, you would have heard my home grown football player screaming about it. (He had a soft spot for Dennard because of his story)

There is no doubt that the defense had holes and there were many to fill. I think many of us were just sure we would have fixed some of the secondary problems with the first round pick.

That said, we hopefully fixed another issue - getting to QBs. This kid ran a sub 4.4 40. Blazin' fast not just for a big guy but for a lot of guys. While he's a little smaller in size, his strengths and ability to blow blocks will be huge for the pass rush. Shazier also led the B1G in tackles last year. He'll be great on our defense. Though I don't think he will make an immediate impact since Mr. LeBeau loves to run a complex defense - and one that we love to watch *cue Renegade*. 

I don't want to discount this kid at all. He will be a great addition to our defense. On to the second round.....

Still time to shore up the defense and get some WRs .