So with this comp pick we take the fastest guy at the combine - 4.26.

okay. I see him playing a bigger role in the return game than having an impact as a running back. He could play the slot and possibly be effective with his speed. He's surely not going to play the X, not at 5'8", but this is an interesting pick. I love the speed and potential on that return game. He has 4 career returns for touchdown. It would also free up AB from that job and take away the risk of injury for him. 

**UPDATE: The Kid said give him a screen and let him fly! (okay, that works too)

His draft profile definitely suggests a work in progress especially for route running and running for yards after contact, but the speed factor is attractive with this pick.

Tomorrow we'll add some more.

The most interesting thing about the draft so far is that we all believed a CB and WR were the top gaps, 3 picks in and neither have been selected. 

There are still a few corners out there......Let's see what happens tomorrow.