who thought the Seahawks would still be standing in the next round of playoffs? Put your hand down Monday morning QBs because there is no way that many of you chose the Seahawks over the reigning champion New Orleans Saints. No way!  I know I sure didn't. Pending any kind of snow or bad weather, the Saints should have beat the Seahawks hands down.  Yet it happened and the Seahawks defense looked half decent.  Now, I don't think they have the toughness to beat the Bears in Chicago on Sunday, but you never know, it is the NFL and there's always a surprise somewhere.  (I'm picking da Bears BTW).  Ponder this...if the Seahawks win, and Atlanta loses, the Hawks get Green Bay AT HOME. The losing record gets home field advantage.  Crazy.But I digress.  Believe it or not, I was happy to see the Jets win.  The entertainment provided by Sexy Rexy is unmatched.  Jokes for days. Plus the team isn't so bad either.  And out of everyone, I think they have maybe half a chance at taking out the Patriots.  But understand this, I want another chance at Brady.  He embarrassed us at home, let's go get him in his house.  Redemption for the times they have stopped the Steelers on the way to the Super Bowl.  Are you ready Steeler Nation?While I like Michael Vick and was happy to see him have a great year, I was pulling for the Pack.  I think they are a better team and even though they had a ton of injuries, they just are a tougher team.  I also have a big football crush on Clay Matthews and the Packers defense.  They play a great game every week and it's fun to watch.  Almost, but not quite, as fun as watching our own Steelers defense.The only game that was boring to watch was the Chiefs - Ravens game.  As much as I would have preferred to see the Chiefs this weekend, it's only right that we face the Ravens (again).So here's what we have:Mike Wallace vs Anquan BoldinRashard Mendenhall vs Ray RiceJames Harrison vs Ray LewisTroy Polamalu vs Ed ReedMay the best team win.  And right now, with all things being equal, I think the Steelers pull out the win.  Why? Because there is just a slight edge based on big plays.  While Joe Flacco has had a decent season, his decision making process is still slower than Ben's, limiting his ability to be consistent on that big play.  I know Ravens fans really want to win to get the Ben monkey off their backs, but it won't happen this week.  The Steelers are more rested, they are ready and they know what stands in the way of #7.  I do think that RayRay and Suggs will be on some extra serious kick butt stuff this weekend, but so will Harrison, Woodley, Timmons et al.  This game will be close, as usual, but the Steelers prevail at the end of the day. Plus, I want to be in a good mood when I watch the Green Bay - Atlanta game and my team won't let me down, right?I'm going with the Steelers by a TD.(And thanks to Pittsburgh Sports Nation for the video)