[picappgallerysingle id="10052209"]I'm trying to figure out who made the deal with the devil.  That's the only explanation I have for eeeeking out a win with a fumble overturned on a touchdown call and likely recovered by Miami, but inconclusive - giving the Steelers the  ball inside the 1 on the goal line.  AND we lose three critical starters, two from the top rated defense?Alright Steelers fans, raise your hand because one of you did something in Miami, and it wasn't me!I asked the question earlier: Would you have rather taken a loss and had Aaron Smith healthy?The question was answered with astounding No's.  Most people said they would rather have the win.  I am on the fence.  But I am also that person who, while I love Troy, thinks Aaron Smith out last year hurt the Steelers more than most people believe.  He's a HUGE part of our run defense.  You know, that run defense that typically held folks to what 60 yards average?  Hopefully that trend will continue, even with a backup. Cross your fingers everyone.So Ben, Ben, Benny with the fumbles.  Raise your hand if you think Ben is walking around Pittsburgh with the ball taped to his hand right now?  Shake that rust off Ben. Shake it off. Now that everyone knows you have a problem holding onto the ball, the opposing defense is going to be trying to strip that bad boy like crazy.  Despite the fumbles though, Ben doesn't really look too bad.  He had 19 completions out of 27 for 302 yards and 2 TDs.  I told you to watch out for Mike Wallace on the deep ball.  Glad that Miami missed that post.  He's fast, right?My favorite play of the day, though, was the Hines Ward TD.  Why? Because he fought for that TD!  He stayed in bounds, dodged two tackles and ran into the end zone.  That's fun football.So, how many Dolphins fans want to talk smack this week? I hear ya.  Sometimes the football Gods are with you, and sometimes they are not.  I will say this.  The referees did a good job explaining their call even if no one in Miami wants to believe what they said.  Here's what my take is: it was definitely a fumble.  But who really came up with it? I don't know.  Ben says he was touching it. Legursky looked like he could have grabbed some of it too.  The bottom line is it was called a touchdown and the whistle was blown.  The ball was dead.  In replay, even though the Dolphins stood up with the ball was that because it was whistled dead and the Steelers let it go?  Who can say? So at the end of the day, it was an unfortunate call if you are a Miami fan, but I still think it was the RIGHT call based on what happened right before.What do you think?And who is going to New Orleans for the Steelers game this weekend? If I could have planned, that would be a great game to attend.  Halloween AND New Orleans.  Stay out of trouble Steelers fans.  In a story recounted to me this weekend involving hurricanes (the drink, not the weather), someone said, "You have to ease into N'awlins."  That's the truth.  Be careful with those Hurricanes, they are dangerous.The good news out of this week, the Steelers are tied for top team in the league - with the Jets and Pats - both who we play soon.  Let's get it boys, get healthy, stay healthy and play tough. I want to win. Do you?