This is that time of the football season that I love. As Jim Mora would say - "Playoffs." the black and gold have a great opportunity to make it to the super bowl. They play a Denver team that on paper they should have no problem defeating. However that is on paper.  Injuries play a huge part in who advances this time of the year. Hopefully the Steelers can overcome their key players who will not participate in this game. Having said that here is what I think will happen and would like to see happen this wild card weekend.First I think Pittsburgh will defeat the Broncos handily. Look for Ben to have a solid game and for Redman to handle the rushing duties with a solid performance.Looking ahead I would like to see the Bengals defeat the Texans for a selfish reason. First it would be nice to see another team coming out of the AFC North division with a victory. Secondly I would like to have another shot at the Baltimore Ravens. If they can defeat the Steelers three games in one year they deserve to go to the Super Bowl.  Also I would much rather play Joe Flacco than Tom Brady. For some reason the Steelers have trouble matching up with the Patriots. I know we won earlier in the season, but that was in Pittsburgh and the Patriots had some early season problems.(Of course, Pop wrote this yesterday BEFORE the games were played, I just didn't post it, call me lazy...Iagree that we have problems typically matching up with the Patriots and Brady picks apart our secondary like no one else can, but I think playing the Pats might be a blessing in disguise. Their defense sin't great and so hopefully the O-line can protect Ben. It will be up to the defense to take care of Brady - and we will have our heavy hitters on defense. I'm ok with the way things have shaken out.)All the talk is for the Packers or Saints or Patriots or Ravens to make it to the big game. It is nice to be under the radar. Don't count the Steelers out. They have the number one defense and some big play makers on offense. Their receiving corps is as good as anyone's and if Big Ben can overcome his ankle injury they can cause havoc for anyone.So sit back and enjoy the weekend. Let the games begin. Go Steelers!Pop