[picappgallerysingle id="10409682"] I don't pretend to understand math, but I do want to say that I really would like to understand how the Steelers have "clinched" a spot after that heartbreaking loss to the Jets.  I know, it has something to do with what the NFL calls strength of schedule, and maybe the losses for Miami and Jacksonville played a role.  I don't know.  What I do know is this, we need to win these last two games to clinch the division and get a sweet bye week so the Steelers can all heal before playoffs start.The best play on Sunday? I hate to say this, but the Sanchez bootleg had me fooled.  Bet the one person it wouldn't have fooled was on the sideline.  That's why we need the rest, so that clutch players like Troy will be healthy and ready to go for the big games. And hopefully Aaron Smith will be back as well.The worst play of the day? The MeMo safety in the end zone - thank you Jason Taylor.  I will ask, though I don't expect a logical answer...first, why the run? second, if you are going to run, why not hand the ball to Isaac Redman who had half a chance of getting it out of the endzone. And third, why the run? why?I'd love to give you more, but I just can't.  The Steelers should have won that game. But honestly, I am getting to the point in the season where my love-hate relationship with football shows through.  I love it, can't wait for each game, absolutely can't wait to see what happens in playoffs, but hate that the season is about the be over, with no "next" season in sight.  Regardless, I just want to get to the fun part...the playoffs. To get there, we first have to get past Carolina and Cleveland.  Don't sleep on anyone, this is the NFL.For the record, I am thinking Sanchez might have the prettiest hair (and face?) in the NFL. Take that TomfreakingBrady.Oh and by the way, who was mad about this? I liked Tone, but now, meh, not so much.[picappgallerysingle id="10409689"] Let's go Steelers. Let's run the tables on this thing.