So, the first few weeks of the season are, well, somewhat embarrassing? Am I wrong? No, I am not. Spanked by the Ravens. Beat those other two teams. Then lose to the Texans. And then what happens...the real Steelers show up. Real you ask? Yes, those Steelers that play hard 60 minutes and actually play with passion. Ohhhh, THOSE Steelers. Yes.So, the top 10 things we saw this week that we hadn't up to this point?10.  Fans excited and rocking Heinz field.9. Ziggy and Cameron Heyward working the defense.8. Timmons kicking butt on the outside while James Harrison recovers from eye surgery.7. Max Starks back and starting on the Steelers offensive line.6. Woodley gets an interception and earns that big fat paycheck he just got.5. A running game - Jonathon Dwyer and Isaac Redman combined for more than 150 yards rushing.4.  Hines gets his first TD of the season. Heath gets his first TD of the season.3.  Ben throws 5 touchdown passes and is only sacked once. Yes, just once. (Hello Max)2. Sepulveda throw a much needed first down to Ryan Mundy for 33 yards on a fake punt. GREAT play. Loved it!1. Good playcalling - not run, run, pass, but a mix along with a few surprises. I still stand by my tweet from Sunday, I do not believe that the same person called Sunday's game is the one that called the 4 previous games. I just don't believe it. And that my friends, makes for exciting Steelers football. Let's hope that next week does not result in a back slide because in Pittsburgh, we expect nothing less than smashmouth.  And I would prefer that NOT be me wanting to smash the teams mouth because I spent three hours watching a poor display of what someone might call football.  We're on the upside. I'd like to see it remain that way :)