So about a week ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with an extremely sharp pain in my stomach that literally didn't allow me to get out of bed. Should have been a clue, right? But no, I chalked it up to moving into my new house and muscle pain and just stress in general. Yeah, I was wrong.  Friday night, I went to pick up my son from football practice and had to pull over before I even got there because the pain was so bad.Long story short, I had an emergency appendectomy and have been in the hospital with little complications here and there. High temperature one day, low blood pressure the next, yesterday and today I can't eat...probably couldn't eat before, but yesterday was first day I tried and threw up everything I ate (which included about 8 teaspoons of yogurt).Why am I telling you this? Well, first, get your annual check ups. I consider myself a pretty healthy person, but clearly, not what I thought. Second, it's football season, but I may not be writing, FB'ing or tweeting much until I get back to my normal self.  I still have my sense of humor and seem to keep the docs and nurses at this fine establishment entertained, however, I would rather be at home entertaining myself and my son.That said, when I am back, I will start talking about football - but you guys all go ahead and enjoy, post comments, whatever. I will read but I may not respond right away.Hugs to all of you.Steelergurl