So, the lockout has been lifted. For now, whatever that means. It's been a tough offseason with no real passion since we (fans) have no idea, nor any control over what's happening with the NFL. I pretty much put the lockout on block and moved on with my life. It wasn't easy, as those of you who know me will attest, but it was necessary. This week I feel like I have to do major homework to get back up to speed since the draft kicks off on Thursday. Speaking of the draft, The NFL Chick and I will be heading to New York this week to cover the draft. Get ready for live blogging, tweeting and FB posts from both of us.I have had several conversations related to the draft and the Steelers on Facebook, please feel free to add to the discussion.  In a nutshell, I have heard several sources say that the Steelers are contemplating trading out of the first round for a high-level second round pick and a third round pick (at least one each, if not more) which to me makes a lot of sense.  Those who hoped to see the Pouncey twins play on the same team may be disappointed, but the Steelers would have to trade up to get Mike Pouncey and he would like to play center(versus guard) like his brother anyway. The trading out of the first round makes sense for a few reasons - we need some talent at corner and on the offensive line and it's not a bad idea to get a linebacker or two.  The draft is pretty deep with all of those positions and the more picks, the better.  Beyond that, there really isn't much difference between 31 and picks 33-35 anyway, so it would make sense to get some extras for that first round pick.  But at the end of the day, "in Kevin Colbert I trust!" It will work out.The pens. On to game 7 and that's all I am going to say about that.Every week, instead of talking free agency (something we should be discussing re: Ike Taylor), I have the distinct pleasure of watching Dancing with the Stars and hyping up Hines Ward's performance. First, let me say I never thought I would watch the show at all let alone religiously and actually cheer for someone. So just know that it does pain me, however, until today (and possibly longer since we don't know what will happen with appeals) we were in lockout mode, no football discussions at all really. So, forgive me for actually liking the show - ok, that's a stretch - forgive me for FB updates, tweets and overall discussions of dancing and football players.  I hope that soon I have something more substantive and smashmouth to talk about.Oh wait, tomorrow I will be talking about football, the draft and the Steelers on A Sports Scribe's sports show "The Exchange" so I guess I will be talking football afterall....join in on the fun 9pm Tuesday night.The rest of the week will be all about the draft.*shrugs* Guess we're back in business for now football fans.