[picappgallerysingle id="2880349"]And not just lose, but get spanked.Embarrass me even.Worst part of it all...I HATE Tom Brady. I know, you should never hate anyone.  But dammit Steelers, if there's anyone I want you to beat it's the Patriots.  In the words of my mother, "That butt whooping hurt me more than it hurt you."I wanted to write this post yesterday, I really did, but the wounds were still so raw I just couldn't get over it.  Granted that butt whooping Michael Vick handed to the Redskins made me feel slightly better.  At least Redskins fans (and Ravens too) were in their own state of depression I didn't have to deal with them gloating.The good news, it's still anyone's NFL. There is no true front runner in either conference. And while the Steelers fell in the power rankings, they are still tied at #1 in the AFC North.  Anything can happen.But that doesn't mean I am still not pissed about Sunday. Believe me, I am.I just don't get how that super model loving Bieberady dude has our number like that.  It's annoying.  I had flashbacks to games I would like to forget.  When he spiked the ball in the endzone, I wanted to kick him in the throat.  Anyone else have that reaction?I don't know what it is about the Pats...I can't stand them.  We lose to the Ravens, it stings, we lose to the Pats and 2 days later I am writing this post STILL PISSED!This was supposed to be a factual, cover gaps, get some energy, don't play predictable offense, man we miss Aaron Smith, Will Gay has one more time to have his back to the QB and get beat and farewell Skippy post. Instead, it's an emotional rant.  When will I no longer be PISSED?Maybe if we beat the Raiders.Then the Bills.And then the Ravens.I might feel a little bit better at that point.But until then, I am PISSED!Who else has this somewhat irrational reaction to Mr. Brady? Cure me, please.  All I know is IF we see them again, we BETTER BEAT the crap out of them!