(Warning: Stream of Consciousness Blog post)Tonight kicks off the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft with booos for the Commish, chants of "We want football" from the fans in the crowd and surprises in who goes where and when.For weeks, if not months, it's been debated whether or not Cam Newton is worth the first pick and tonight we heard the Panthers say, Yup, he sure is as they selected the QB from Auburn with the very first pick of the draft.  He stayed strong, despite boos aimed at him, in fact, he looked like he was totally ignoring it.  Congrats to the Heisman Trophy winner, welcome to the big time.The two early surprises in round one include the Browns trading away the #6 pick to Atlanta for a gazillion picks, a new car and Carson Palmer's house. (kidding, kind of). The Falcons, though, got Julio Jones and another target for Matty Ice. Atlanta clearly isn't playing and hopes to make it further than last year.  *shrugs* Bring in NFC, bring it.The other early surprise is Tennessee taking Jake Locker with Blaine Gabbert, QB form Mizzou still on the board.But with the 10th pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars moved up in a trade with the Redskins to get Gabbert, clearly seeing the value in their system. What that means for Gerard, well, the writing is on the wall I suppose, but the investment in a young franchise quarterback can't be a bad thing for Jacksonville.At just about the half way mark, we're looking at 4 quarterbacks off the board and a lot of great talent still out there. Will Prince fall within grasp of the Steelers? Or is Aaron Williams still a better choice, or do the Steelers trade out of the first round?Mike Pouncey is picked by the Dolphins at #15, and some of Steeler nation was sad. But I think there's nothing to be sad about. Giving up any of our 7 picks to move up that far would have been a mistake and he wants to play center anyway. I love that Maurkice put on a Dolphins hat for his brother as they came out of the green room. Too cute.The Giants just selected Prince Amakumara at #19, so guess we're back to plan B or C.Surprise, the Browns scoop Kansas City's 21st pick and select Phil Taylor, a DT from Baylor.  In the random thoughts section, how do the Pats always have so many picks?  Ugh. I hate to say it but they do the trade thing masterfully. So much so that it's annoying!!In a classic NFL fan moment, the fans cheer the troops and then immediately go back to booing the Commish. I wonder if the Commish practiced speaking over the boos prior to tonight, surely he knew it would happen.With just 6 picks until the Steelers are on the clock, I am wondering how this will play out.  Seattle is on the clock now and the Ravens are up next.  There are some quality players on the board and I hope the Steelers make a great move here.At #26, the Baltimore Ravens select (I hope it's not a corner) - oh wait, the Ravens passed on the pick? What is going on? No one knows. The Ravens had the 26th pick. Seems like something crazy happened and then the Chiefs pick went through. So, now who had the 26th pick? I'm confused. So, to clear up confusion, I ask my girl The NFL Chick and resident Ravens fan what is going on, her response, "They are chillin, that's what we do!" So, Ravens, now have the 27th pick and select Jimmy Smith, CB from Colorado. Bizzarro land.And to make things worse, the Pats trade out and give the 28th pick to the Saints for their first round pick next year and a second round pick this year.  With that trade, the Saints select Mark Ingram. Okay. But seriously, the Pats gain more dang picks? And a first rounder for next year? Masterful, I tell you, masterful. Yes, I am a die hard Steelers fan and hate the Pats, but I do respect the chess game they play season after season from draft to free agency to straight cutting folks. The Pats are masters at the game, and not just the one on the field. Still, I hate them.We're down to the end of the first round. Jets are on the clock and the Steelers to follow. Considering the Ravens were likely trying to get a trade and the clock beat them to it, I guess it's unlikely the Steelers will be able to trade out of the first round, so who will they get....corner or offensive lineman? Need both.And with the 31st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Cameron Heyward, DE Ohio State. My son, in response to this pick said, "OMG, do you know how good he is?" My answer, no. He played for the Buckeyes and as a Penn State alum, I tend to ignore The Ohio State. But if he's a kick ass Steeler, then I am all about cheering for the kid. Welcome to Steeler Nation, Mr. Heyward. It's an experience you will never forget.And finally, to close out the first round, the Green Bay Packers select Derek Sherrod from Mississippi State. Yes, that seems anticlimactic. And it kind of is...Tomorrow I will see you for rounds 2 and 3 right here. Likely there will be more tweeting and less blogging. So follow me @steelergurl if you don't already.Happy 2011 NFL Draft folks - Let us Cheer! :)