[picappgallerysingle id="10165022"]I heard it all week, the Steelers "survived" the Bengals.  It's accurate.  They were beating the Bengals, beating them handily too, but then let them hang around and get back into the game with a really, really good chance to win.I don't understand why the Steelers just can't finish anyone off.  It's perplexing.  Is it that everyone is tired by the fourth quarter? I have no other explanation why a top ranked defense and a top 10 QB and a consistent offense can't just finish the job for once.What's even bothering me a bit more this week is that the offense is back to boring.  Ben is a great quarterback, he is, but when he was out, there seemed to be some spark to the offense.  They couldn't do the job with the predictable run run pass program, so they threw in some trick plays, some spark and got it done.  Why does that have to go away just because Ben is back? In fact, wouldn't even be better with Ben at the helm?Let me say this, I want excitement Steelers...and not just 4th quarter win by the seat of our pants after giving up points kind of excitement. I'm bored with the playcalling already and Ben's only been back a couple few weeks.There is no way the Bengals should have had the opportunity to come back into that game like that.  It makes absolutely no sense.And that my friends, is my rant on the Cincy game.  I hope they have it more together for this week because the Pats will take advantage of every opportunity provided.My Steelers-Pats predictions coming soon.