One of the most exciting aspects of Super Bowl Week is the opportunity to go to all the hot parties, but what are you willing to pay?The graphic shows the hottest parties in Dallas this week and the broad range of costs to have a good time.  Add in air fare, the hotel and the cost of the Super Bowl tickets themselves and you have what amounts to a very expensive chance of a lifetime.How do you feel about this Steeler Nation?Do the costs associated with the biggest game of the year prohibit the die hard fans (like me) from attending? I don't know about you, but by the time I would get tickets for Steelerboy and myself, it's a very, very expensive weekend.  Maybe one day...but not this time.For those of you lucky enough to attend, have a great time, wave those towels and scream as loud as you can.  I will be watching and listening from in front of my 50 inch TV!  Help our boys bring home #7 and have a blast in the meantime.