So the Steelers righted themselves and stomped the Seahawks. Not sure anyone thought this game would go any different than it did - and if it had, I think I would have just given up watching football, NFLN and ESPN for the next 5 months. But thankfully, we don't have to worry about what I would do missing Steelers football all season.Shout out to Mike Wallace for the fantastic fingertip catch., that's not it, that's the couple yard TD pass to #17, but I can't find the fingertip catch on video. You all saw it anyway and if you haven't, just watch ESPN highlights.And probably my favorite highlight of the game is the 22-yard TD by Bowie State grad, Isaac Redman.  Yes, I am a fan of this kid. (Take note of that SG intern, you bad mouthed him all summer!!) Sunday night the Steelers face a much different Peyton-less Indianapolis team. Based on what I have seen the first two games they have played, there is absolutely no reason the Steelers shouldn't go in and take care of business. That also means not taking things for granted of course, running the ball, passing effectively and executing defense and special teams like we saw this past weekend.The schedule gradually builds to get a little more tough as the season goes on...big games at Houston, Tennessee (The Ravens lost to them, so can the Steelers if they don't pay attention) Jacksonville, Arizona, New England and the Ravens again....Injuries are popping up all over the league and we did have the Ben scare last week. In addition, it's unlikely Brett Kiesel will play this weekend, so now it's a matter of getting some continuity in week 3 so the Steelers can make a run for it.Play smart and stay healthy are the keys.By the way, what do you think James Harrison would have said about Dunta Robinson's hit on Jeremy Maclin the other night? He was fined $40,000 for that hit, seems a little low compared to have Harrison has been fined. What are your thoughts?