How's that hit feel RGIII?  I'm guessing that Mr. Griffin the third will be headed straight to a whirlpool bath tonight. He played a great game, but his receivers were just not on the same page limiting the Redskins franchise QB to 16 for 34 and 177 yards with 1 TD (too bad the Steelers special teams blocked the extra point, huh? Booyah!)The Steelers defense did a pretty good job containing the Redskins and for the most part kept them from making big scores. Not sure if the defense beat them more than they beat themselves, though. If a lot of those dropped passes by the Redskins receivers were completed, the game might not have had the same score. Something hopefully the great Coach Lebeau addresses this week in film. Granted, missing Troy (and later Ryan Clark) make a difference. This is something the Steelers need to address as far as defense goes.On offense, Ben continues to have one of the best seasons of his career. He completed 24 for 33 and 3 TDs and NO interceptions. The good news is that the O-line was able to keep him safe for most of the game. I am not even sure he was hurried more than a couple times. Pouncey is back and healthy (for now) and let's hope it lasts for the rest of the season. His blocking abilities along with his athleticism make him a force on that line.The receivers continue to draw attention. You can't leave any of them get open.  The three of them had 14 receptions for 156 yards. Maybe not their best game, but those yards came at critical times, often on 3rd down conversions. Of course, Heath continues to be one of Ben's favorite targets he caught 4 passes for 46 yards and 1 TD.With Mendenhall and Redman sitting out, it was up to Dwyer to make a move. He carried the ball 17 times for 107 yards. Not bad for a day's work. Last week he carried for over a 10o yards against the Bengals as well.Next week, the Giants will prove a good test. They beat Dallas yesterday by fingertips, literally. But the Steelers will need to be ready to play. Won't be an easy game.And on a final note, looks like DeAnegelo Hall can't handle E88. Dude is a bum.