time I see that, I giggle just a little.  C'mon, that's funny. Ben got popped.Now the game wasn't so funny.  More than 1.5 football fields of penalties against the Steelers?  The score was already a blowout, what would it have been with less penalties.  Bottom line, while it was a win, and a good solid win, it was far from pretty.The Steelers need to do better than that to beat the Ravens and the Jets in upcoming games.  In fact, they need to do better than that against the Bills this weekend.Injuries, penalties, it's just not pretty.I was encouraged, however, by the offense - not boring, a little bit of a mix.  And the defense looked more inspired than the previous game against the Patriots.  But it was the Raiders.There's a lot of competition in the AFC and while I really want to get to playoffs, I also want to win.Show me something Steelers.  Play tough.