Antonio Brown gets his first receiving TD today against the PatriotsAnd spare me from writing another post like last year - as well as give me fuel to antagonize Warren Sapp for calling the Steelers old.Did Brady even really touch the ball today? The Steelers time of possession was nearly 40 minutes to the Pats 20 minutes.Ben completed 36 of 50 for 365 yards and 2 TD's (and 24.67 fantasy points for me in my Fantasy Football league!). Granted, he also had an INT that resulted in a Pats TD, but luckily that mistake didn't hurt too much. But Ben had help today.The Young Money Crew (Wallace, Sanders and Brown) collectively had 21 receptions for 207 yards. And let's not forget today's impact player, Heeeaaaaatttthhh. Miller had 7 receptions for 85 yards and was the leading factor in the Steelers hitting the scoreboard first.[caption id="attachment_1245" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="I never tire of seeing this!"][/caption]So far this year, the Patriots had a total of 22 minutes in deficit but today, they added a full 60 to that total. I won't lie, I am elated that Brady got the beat down. Literally. Two sacks by Woodley. They were beautiful pieces of football art.  If you missed them, I DVR'd the game - come over, I can watch them 20 more times at least. (The bad news, Woodley hurt in the second half, but let's hope he plays next week.) The Steelers defense smothered Brady (most of the time) and held him to less than 200 yards all day. To put that in context, Ben had 200 before the half.You know what else was great? Welker had less than 40 yards today. *grins*The running game was alive and well - Rashard rushed 13 times for 70 yards and he also had 3 receptions for 22 yards. Not a bad day. Mewelde Moore had a catch for a TD and Redman was also a factor in this game. It was a good mix, in my opinion, on both sides of the ball.  They played the Patriots the right way.Others called it, and I concur, the dime worked. Thank you Mr. LeBeau. Defense rocked the house.And to solidify the win with the beard knocking the ball out of Brady's hands with Troy pushing the ball through the legs of who cares who it was to Ziggy in the end zone and finishing the game with a safety. It's just all too much in the wonderful world of Sunday football.The best part? This is the momentum with which we go into Ravens week. Get ready purple birds, we've been watching.In fact, we're checking you out from the top of the AFC right now :)See you soon!