[picappgallerysingle id="9814211"]Today, the Steelers marched into Nashville and came home with a win opening with a reverse on the kick-off and an Antonio Brown touchdown (congrats rookie!).  Then the Steelers force a fumble and come up with the ball.  All within the first 28 seconds of the game.  Not a bad way to start a Sunday afternoon for Steeler Nation.What killed the Titans? Not being able to get the run game going.  They rely heavily on Chris Johnson but he was contained to just 34 rushing yards and 19 receiving yards.  The Steelers stopped Johnson 2 games short in his quest to beat Barry Sanders record 14 100-yard games in a row.  Johnson was held to 12.The bigger story in today's game is all about the Steelers defense.  The entire defense seems to have found whatever it was that they were missing last year (likely Polamalu and Smith) and have regained their championship style of play.  Polamalu and Woodley each picked off Young, who was also sacked twice and forced to fumble once.  Harrison and Woodley caused havoc for the QB - and was replaced by Kerry Collins later in the game, who also was picked off, this time by Bryant McFadden.  The Titans had a total of 7 turnover, the most for them since 2000.Overall, among Harrison, Woodley, Timmons and Kiesel, the Steelers had 5 forced fumbles and 4 sacks. It was a big day and they showed that passion that we were missing last year.  I don't k now about you all, but THIS is exciting.One name on the Steelers defense we've heard quite a bit of lately is Lawrence Timmons.  I think he's been understimated, yet each year, each game he gets better and better.  He's dangerously fast and strong.  Today, Timmons had big plays and was in the QBs face non-stop. Expect to see more of him making big plays throughout the season.On offense, it was a little shaky and they weren't able to move the chains much.  Dixon sprained his knee and didn't return to the game.  Batch came in for him and made a few passes but mostly, it was about controlling the Titans and making sure they didn't score.  Special teams and the defense ruled the day.The question today became, if Batch is hurt, who will play QB? Next week, expect Leftwich to return to the team and likely start depending on how badly Dixon is hurt.  Two down and two to go before Ben gets back.  And lets hope he stays healthy and is working out every day.Next week, we've got Tampa Bay.  I hope we don't sleep on them and we roll through there much like we did today.  Hopefully with a few offensive TDs on the board as well.What did you think about today's game?