And with their first pick in the 5th round..yes, 5th, the Steelers select their first cornerback.

We've waited 5 rounds. Thought a corner would be the first pick, but nope. Sure wasn't.

I have to admit that I didn't see Arizona play much, so I can't say much about this kids style of play. I'm glad to see a corner added to the team, though and hope he can learn quickly. I also hope he has good press coverage/man skills. From his draft profile looks like he had a great pro day and has some good highlights, but there are character questions listed as a weakness. 

I guess I will reserve judgment until I see him play. I think sometimes character questions aren't really warranted, so not always an issue as some might make it seem. I trust the Steelers did their homework and had already done due diligence on this. If they drafted him, I am going to assume he passed their character test.

A corner was needed. Glad to have one added to the team.