[picappgallerysingle id="10100415"]Well, we can't win them all, right?  It's a tough place to win, especially on Halloween night in a city that needed to erase the memory of being spanked by the Browns (though they are coming along). The superdome was loud, it was hostile and the Saints fed off their fans.  If anyone can understand how that works, it's the Steelers.  It happens just about every week at Heinz Field.The first half was a defensive battle with each team not giving up much of anything.  On offense, Ben couldn't seem to connect at the right times.  That goal line stand holding the Steelers out of the end zone proved fruitful for the Saints in the long run. Ben threw 17 of 28 for 195 yards and the only Steelers TD came on a 38 yard run by Rashard Mendenhall late in the game.Brees and crew were held to just FG's all the way through the 3rd quarter, their running game pretty much non-existent but they came alive at the end of the game, feeding off things going their way and the noise in the dome.It happens.  Flukey things like Heath fumbling the ball and Darren Sharper scooping it up.  Heath rarely drops the ball and it's amazing that Sharper was able to recover it.  It happens.I do think the Steelers defense looked decent, especially with Ziggy and Eason in there.  Do we miss Aaron Smith, yup, but Ziggy has to learn and what better way than to just do it.  There are weaknesses in the pass defense but that's not something that wasn't known before this game.  The Steelers are #1 against the run and #24 against passing.And now the Steelers are tied 5-2 with the Ravens in the AFC North with the birds from Baltimore considered #1 since they beat the Steelers already this season.  But we see them in December and then  it's on. I'll be there waving my towel and freezing my butt off.The big question following this week is how do the Steelers recover? I would rather we lose a few along the way so that we know what the weaknesses are rather than flying high and losing when it's least expected. This game was tough and I don't think there's anyone who thought it would be anything less.  I don't think the Steelers looked terrible, they just didn't want it as much as the Saints did.  The Saints were the better team last night, looked like the defending champions they are - which is more than they have done for most of this season.Next up Bengals.  Let's get it together this week and come back strong and play some Steelers football.Let's go.