[picappgallerysingle id="10290950"]I haven't really been in an uproar over the fines against Harrison, but this time I have to speak up.Look, I hate the roughing the passer call.  There are blatant ROUGHING THE PASSER calls and then there are hits that QBs take as part of the game.  I have a solution.  Put a little flag around each QBs waist and as soon as that flag is pulled, the ball is dead.  How about that?Want to know what happens? First, we all don't really watch because it's BORING - as is a game when a little yellow flag is thrown on every single play.Second, the defenses will adapt, they will start using linebackers with extra long arms who can yank those flags past the offensive lineman and the ball will be dead.  No plays will even get going.Boring, right?YES!!!If you don't want to get hit, don't play football.Play volleyball.  Play baseball.  Play SOMETHING else.I'm all for player safety and that includes healthcare for players (ahem).I am even for fines IF the players actually have some say in what constitutes a fine-able hit - as per Troy Polamalu's suggestion - BUT this random dollar amount, random fining, random, random, random everything - it's too much. It's making the game not fun anymore.Clearly, if I were Harrison, I would wait until the play is over and walk over to the QB and punch him in the throat because fighting seems to have less of an impact per the League's throwing fines around.DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE?I'm not going off on the Commish, I like the guy quite frankly - And I like the folks at NFL HQ.But there needs to be some equality in this fining business.  So far, I haven't seen it.  Harrison has more $$ in fines than anyone, yet is he really making hits that are that bad.  The same guy who was Defensive Player of the Year just a couple short years ago? I'm guessing his game hasn't changed THAT much since then....Harrison isn't the most outspoken guy, and he might need a little coaching in what makes a sound byte, but he's not out there seriously trying to injure people, regardless how he articulates it, he's trying to win.  The game is physical.  The game is hard.  Let these guys play it.Or let them put flags around their waists and let's call it what it is.  FLAG football.  Which is what it's been the last 11 weeks, literally.There is absolutely no reason I should see football fields of penalties called against any team.  Some are legit, some are not.Sunday's hit on Fitzpatrick was not a dirty hit.I'm done with this subject now.At least until I see another yellow flag on a field for absolutely no good reason.