[picappgallerysingle id="10205326"]I'm still pissed about losing to the Pats but the Steelers can start to heal that hurt by winning today.  The Raiders come to Heinz field today - and hopefully the Steelers defense will be ready.  This isn't an automatic "win" today - you have to come to play.  I don't want to, but remember the Raiders game last year?  Yeah, let's not repeat that mess. Let's play some inspired, passionate football and win this game. Don't let the Raiders hang around.  Put up numbers, early and often.  I want to see the offense play like it's 2 minute no huddle for 60 minutes.  By that I mean, play to move chains.  Play to win.At this point in the season, I am concerned about injuries, concerned that the beginning of the season was a fluke, and concerned that the Steelers really don't quite know what kind of football team they want to be to finish out the season.  I hope today is the beginning of putting those concerns to bed.  There are still some tough games to play, and this should be considered one of them. I want to see the defense - specifically Timmons, Woodley and Harrison get at Campbell.  He's still the same quarterback he was in Washington, except he has a better offensive line and more consistency - that said, he doesn't handle pressure outside the pocket as well as others.  Get to him, pressure him to make mistakes and take advantage of those mistakes. Let's get back to playing Steelers football, and maybe I won't be nearly as pissed.Let's Go Steelers!