Today Cam Newton threw his first NFL touchdown, granted it was to a child during the NFL's Play 60 clinic where more than 600 middle school students from around New York city learned football skills, combine drills and healthy habits at the Chelsea Waterside Park, but it was a TD never the less.  With childhood obesity rates at an all time high, the NFL partnered with the American Heart Association to develop this "challenge."Commissioner Goodell, NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders, combine coaches from Under Armour and several prospective first round draft picks participated in the event.  The NFL also made contributions to the "Keep Gym in School" program - something I think is important not just from the obesity standpoint, but just to give kids a mental break during the day and keep them moving in general.Consider this post the first of NFL draft coverage for the week...more good stuff to come.The NFLPA will host a community event Saturday morning in Washington Heights.In the meantime, here are a couple more pictures from today.