Football, I love you.I love football for so many reasons, but most notably because football is always there for me no matter what. When I have been down, football has been the catalyst to happiness –  bringing me home a Lombardi at the very times I needed it most.Until now.I can’t imagine what a lockout will do to me or any other true fans this year. No matter what team your cheer for you have your reason. And whatever the reason you call that team yours, you spend money to buy tee shirts, jerseys, hats, scarves, mittens, blankets, and anything else the NFL deems appropriate to don a logo.We get together with our fellow fans, we hype songs and pictures and game day tailgates and every Sunday, Monday and the occasional Thursday, we gather at stadiums, sports bars and homes across the country to cheer for our teams.But in just a matter of weeks, there may not be a 2011 season. Now I don’t think it will actually turn out that way, although I do think it will go down to the last minute before the 2011 kick-off. But truth I, it hurts.Being without football even for a minute hurts.  The last time we see each other might just be during the draft in April.  With no dates on the books, how will our relationship survive?Certainly we have a love that will last but at what level?  When you come back, and I know you will because I too can hear Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Macguire yelling, “Show me the money!” And we know that this relationship isn’t quite reciprocal, you take and I give…I know that cold hard truth, and yet I willingly entered into this relationship.Luckily, like I said before, football has given back to me on six fabulous occasions, yet I know for most fans, the love isn’t shown nearly as much as I have been able to feel. So how do you come back to that relationship, one that doesn’t give much but continuously takes?I wonder if the League and the owners have thought that through…the players have opened direct lines of communication (through social media) so that the love might not fade for them. They are able to give, albeit in small 140 character sound bytes or a Facebook status, but it’s something. Something to keep us all holding on, with football still on our minds.Some of us may turn to hockey and basketball and baseball until football returns, but there will always be this hole in our hearts because nothing is quite the same as football. Sure basketball lasts forever, and baseball allows us to sit outside on a warm summer night, and hockey provides the physical hits, but nothing seems to really take the place of football.I know I should move on and not sit here and worry about football, and soon my mind will be occupied by something, but I will always be waiting for football to come back to me.Hopefully it won’t wait too long.