However, losing to a great team with which we have great respect takes the sting out just a little.All season I have watched the Green Bay Packers with a little bit of envy - not that I don't bleed black and gold because I surely do - but it's been fun watching them overcome every adversity thrown their way.  I think Clay Matthews is fun to watch.  I love a good defensive player and he is definitely great.  I also think it's fun watching Aaron Rodgers who is not unlike our own Big Ben. He's strong, he rolls out of the pocket, he has a great passing arm.  Rodgers is good.  And they won the game. They beat us.  You can't turn the ball over three times and expect to win against a great team. Probably the best outcome of losing the game, if I have to look for a silver lining,  is that Aaron Rodgers no longer has to be compared to Brett Favre. He's now done what Favre did and did it better earning an MVP along the way. That is what puts a smile on my face this morning.I'm not sure what caused the Steelers to look so flat. Perhaps it was the Pack defense really disrupting things, or maybe they just weren't as prepared as Steeler Nation would have liked them to be, or maybe they just aren't the best team this year.  It's tough when you have the opporutnity to win the Super Bowl and you don't, but while our team is good, maybe they just aren't the best.I'm ok with that.I'm ok with saying there are still things we need to work on and go to the offseason and do so.  I'm ok with being the second best team in the NFL this year, knowing that next year we start all over again.  That is, if there is a season.None of this makes losing easy.  But I'm still rocking my black and gold today, proud that we overcame losing Ben the first 4 games of the season, season ending injuries to several of our starters including Aaron Smith, Max Starks and Willie Colon, tweaks along the way to Troy, Ben and others, fines against Harrison for hard hits, and still, there we were on the big stage in Dallas.  If you really look at the season, you can't walk away disappointed. It's not easy, of course, but they played hard and you just can't win them all.Now let's get this CBA done and move on. Draft day is right around the corner and I will be eyeing some DBs for the Steelers to help out that weak spot. You know the one.Congrats to the Pack and congrats to my six-time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. I still love the black and gold.