I've said it before, but I will say it again: the throwbacks are bad karma.Sure, we didn't lose...but we didn't really win either. And is Ben with an injury, Pouncey with an injury, Troy with a tweaked hamstring, Ziggy with a tweak really a big fat W? It is, but it isn't. It was necessary, but I hate it. I also hate those damn throwbacks. I think we should start a letter writing campaign to the Rooney's begging them to get rid of those uniforms. Burn them, even. And if we have to do throwbacks, let's do late 70's, right? I mean, if you go back, go back to when it was great. Who is with me?I can't say it enough: I am a big Antonio Brown fan. In my opinion, you can't get him the ball enough. He had 5 receptions for 151 yards including a 79 yard TD. And I thought last week rocked. The kid is good. Not that Wallace is bad, he had 4 receptions for 57 yards, but I just think Brown is your all around tough playing receiver. All of them together make it tough to cover. You really can't leave any of the Young Money Crew open or you will get burned - making them a tough offense to cover and getting better every game.Don't let me discount our RB's. Do I love Isaac Redman? Why yes, I do. And have since first pre-season on practice squad. Ask anyone. Stats: 6 carries for 35 yards. Doesn't sound significant, but it is. Of course, Rashard is the workhorse of it all. He carried 18 times for 76 yards.Let's talk Ben. Did you all hold your breath as he writhed in pain on the field? Did you see any playoff hopes limping off the field with him? I know I did. I felt my heart sink into the deep pit of my stomach. So close. Such a tight race. Still contenders, but.....would be tough without Ben. Never in a million years did I think we would see him warming up after the half. I thought it was over. I expected to see Hines in at QB since Dixon was inactive and Charlie just couldn't move the ball (at all - 0/2 0 0 0 ).  But there he was, taped up, drugged up (guessing), and throwing the ball off one foot. Was it his best game, nope. But 16 out of 21 for 280 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT isn't too bad. Would like to have that INT back, but hey it happens. MRI on Friday showed a high ankle sprain, so we'll just all collectively pray that he can play against the 49ers on Monday. At this point, we can't afford to lose any more games. Of course, unless the Ravens give one up to the Colts. (Wishful thinking)The other big deal on Thursday night? Harrison's hit on Colt McCoy. NFL rumorville is saying he will get a two game suspension. I think that's ridiculous, and not because I am a homer. I think it's ridiculous because that's the same punishment that Detroit's Suh got for a flagrant kick to another player. Come on now. McCoy was out of the pocket. He was a runner at that point, though he did pass the ball. Harrison was defending the run. And like some others have said, if Warren Sapp and Deion Sanders think it's a bad call, then it's probably a bad call. Should he get fined for the helmet to helmet? OK, fine. But suspended, no way.  I mean, can someone show me, at full speed, how you avoid that? I mean, if Harrison had launched to hit McCoy and aimed at his head, then sure, it would be flagrant and suspend him. But in looking at that play (for the thousandth time) I am just not sure how you avoid it - and it wasn't on purpose. McCoy was a moving target, he happened to move the wrong direction and Harrison accidentally hit his helmet against McCoy's helmet. It's football folks. It happens. Do I want my kid to hit his head playing the game? No, but he plays football, it's violent. It's not basketball my friends.  Let's also not forget that Harrison has played 16 games straight without a penalty. That's all the games so far this year and all of December and the playoffs/Super Bowl last year. In other words, basically a season worth of games penalty free. Is that not making adjustments in your style of play? I am just sick of this topic in general. Deebo do better at wrapping folks up. Refs do better at making the call. NFL do better at being fair in punishment. The end.Will Gay. I know you have been waiting for my comments after his game this week, right? *slow golf clap* Good job #22. Nice work and way to get an INT in the end zone. But look, we're still talking incremental improvement here. Show me consistency and I will write a post specifically about Will and his outstanding play and make him the Steelers defensive play of the year. I will do it. But let me remind you this, you are judging him as if he was a rookie, or someone early in his career. We're talking about a 3 year starter. You probably don't think of him like that because he lost the starting job last year when BMac came back. But he had it when BMac left in the first place. Why would we even consider bringing BMac back if he was doing his job? *crickets* Yup, that's what I thought. He's been on the team since 2007. Again, I will give him props when I see consistency. Last two games have been good. Do that every week. Or even every other week and I will wash his feet after a game. Stinky feet and all. And I don't even like feet. That's how much I want him to do well.Did I cover everything?Even if I didn't. We've got way more important thing to think about....will LaMarr be ready to go in San Francisco? Will Ben play? Will Harrison be suspended? Will Troy still be Troysus with a banged up hammy? I <3 Ziggy. Can Pouncey go hard enough to protect Ben? Can we hang tight enough with 49ers to make this playoff thing go a little more smoothly?Oh wait, I did forget something, I forgot to thank the O-Line for keeping Ben upright the entire second half. Way to protect your brother. Do it next week too!That's all I have for this one.In the meantime, as you already know, you can follow me @Steelergurl if you feel like having a daily dose of football nonsense :)