[picappgallerysingle id="3608429"]*sigh* I haven't ever picked against the Steelers.  Not ever.  Or at least not as long as the archives go back for this blog.  And I don't want to pick against them this weekend. But there's a whole lot of Steeler Nation who has and I am not sure they are wrong.  I hope they are, but I just can't be sure.First, it's going to be 25 degrees at M&T on Sunday night.  That's not exactly warm friends - not that the Steelers aren't used to cold weather - it's more about the fact that Ravens fans have ALL day to drink to stay warm and I expect them to be really, really obnoxious LOUD.Second, the Steelers have been exposed. I expect to see a couple things from the Ravens - slants, screen plays and play action.  (Okay, that was a few) The problem is that if we blitz Flacco, there is more pressure on the secondary.  If they hit the McFadden/Gay side, we're weak....which means the safeties will be helping to cover and therefore, the quick pass will have legs.  And by legs, I mean moving chains.  Controlling the ball and moving chains - the more time the Ravens have possession, the more trouble the Steelers face.When the Steelers have the ball, get ready to rumble.  The Ravens will attack that O-line like the swiss cheese it is.  I hope the football Gods are looking over Pouncey because he's gonna have to block at least two defenders every play.  We've got no depth and it's shaky up front kids.  Then on top of it, there's Ben's broken sprained broken hurt foot. Ravens fans think he's faking it.  I think it's broken and they are calling it sprained because he wants to play.  But does it really matter? He's hurt and that's no bueno.  The strength of our team is that even when the O-line sucks (which has been since Faneca left, right?) Ben has the ability to scramble, extend the play and find someone open.  If he's hurt, not sure that's going to happen.But look, here's the bright side - the Ravens secondary is weak too.  The Ravens won't likely be able to run against our defense - they will be forced to pass  (not that we're going to run a lot either, but if we do, I hope Rashard, Isaac and Mewelde hit them in the mouth!) and that's the wildcard.Overall, other than Flacco being healthy, we're in about the same boat.  Similar strengths and weaknesses.  It's anyone's game.That's why, for the first time in SG history, I am just not picking anyone.  I can't.  Who knows who wins this battle.  Who knows how many little yellow flags will be thrown. Just who knows.I just hope I am not writing "The I'm Pissed Post: Part Deux" on Monday.Let's go Steelers!PS - hope the Jets smash the Pats just on principle...and I hope someone tackles Brady by his hair :)But I am not bitter at all.... not. at. all.