'm watching Gameday, and it reminded me that really no one can predict a game in the NFL. (Except maybe SI's Peter King??)When you watch this video, you will hear my friend and Jets fan, Mr. Chris Jenkins, talk about all the weaknesses that the Steelers have. He'll talk Jets secondary, which is better, yes...and how he thinks Polamalu will make some difference, but that he was pretty non-existent in the Ravens game, and he'll talk about Cromartie taking Wallace out of the game deep.  But the one thing that no one has really discussed is that when we saw the Jets the first time around, Troy wasn't the only starter missing.  In fact, Heath Miller was also on the sideline.  Matt Spaeth started in his place.  What specifically no one has talked about is the attention Spaeth received from ben in that game.  He got the ball coming at him for most of the game.  I appreciate Spaeth, but Miller is one of the leading tight ends in the league.There is also the pressure on Sanchez that he didn't necessarily feel during the regular season game.  Sure, you always want to win, but in playoffs, the pressure is exacerbated by the "one and done" mentality.  Win it or you are on the couch.The Steelers have experience on their side.  Mike Tomlin has two rings, most of the players on this team have seen at least one super bowl with the Steelers and many of them two.Like I said a week or so ago on Facebook, the game comes down to the tale of two quarterbacks.  In my opinion, Ben wins that challenge.  And the Steelers are on the hunt for #7.I pick the Steelers by 10.What do you think?