[picappgallerysingle id="10374493"]Pressure Sanchez.Over the last couple weeks, we've seen the Jets begin to implode. The team that was once self-selected to win the Super Bowl is now faced with a number of issues, including a young QB who isn't quite ready for prime time, or so it seems.I feel bad for Sanchez to an extent.  It's year 2. He's still growing into his role.  I think its unfair to expect a kid to make it to top 10 in his first 1-3 years.  For example, I heard the Ravens fans talk about Flacco after the loss to the Steelers last week (still basking, yes) and compare him to Ben's Super Bowl wins. First, if you remember, Ben was not that great in his first Super Bowl.  He really wasn't. Luckily the Steelers have a great defense.  I would go as far to say that Ben really didn't come into his own until that second Super Bowl. Am I wrong?So, to Jets fans, don't give Sanchez too hard a time. He's young, he's growing into his role.  If you have to blame someone, blame sexy Rexy for blowing smoke up your ***** about how they were going to win the SB this year.  That was probably an unrealistic view based on the pre-season drama, specifically with Revis.This weekend, I think the Steelers can win this game.  The Steelers have to play tough and the defense needs to play like they have the last couple weeks.  Oh, and if anyone sees an offensive touchdown out there, can you send to Heinz Field? We've been missing those *sarcasm*.Steelers 28 - Jets 10.What do you predict?