, of course, is old news and while I did comment both on twitter and on Facebook, I didn't go into much depth about Hines being one of the next contestants on Dancing with the Stars.I'll speak for the female members of Steeler Nation  and while it's not football, it's still exciting - YES!I have never watched DWTS, but you can bet your little twinkle toes I will be front and center on March 21 at 8pm with the TV turned to ABC.  Yes I sure will.  Now, I know that many of my make counterparts said they don't want to hear about Hines unless it has something to do with football. Ok, fair enough, but look what dancing has done for Rashard's footwork! And Sugar Ray, also on this season's DWTS, also danced to perfect his boxing skills.  Personally, a little off season footwork is fine with me.  At least we know where Hines is and what he's doing! No drama from one of our favorite wide receivers.So, will you be watching?And who do you think will be Hines' toughest competition?