[picappgallerysingle id="9551216"]What makes a great NFL player?Hard work.Sure, talent is a great thing, but at the NFL level, everyone has talent.  It's taking things to that next step that makes the difference.  Isaac Redman knows this well.  Last year, the Steelers signed Redman as an undrafted free agent and he had a great pre-season but was relegated to the practice squad when the final 53 were announced.  Obviously, he took that experience to heart and the former Bowie State All-Time Rushing Leader (3,300 yards) decided he was going to do what it takes to make the full team this year.With another stellar pre-season, Redman's dreams came true.  He's will now back up Rashard Mendenhall with Mewelde Moore, another workhorse at RB for the Steelers.The lesson here is one all young athletes should pay attention to - to get where you want to go, you have to work for it.  There is  nothing easy in life.  Steelerboy (a freshman in high school this year) is playing WR and this lesson is one I try to share with him each and every day.  The thing that sets you apart goes beyond talent - it's your attitude, it's giving it your best shot and showing the coaches that you care.  That's why you see players with true talent not make a team (think TO before the Bengals picked him up) - the attitude and ability to be part of a team can catapult you to the next level.I was a big fan of Redman last year and happy that he's proven himself worthy of the final 53.Go get it....see you in the Redzone Isaac!