Yesterday, right after I heard Rex Grossman said the Redskins would win the NFC East and I stopped laughing long enough to think, I had a post in my mind about how much I love the pre-season.  No, that's not a typo.  The pre-season is pretty awesome, well, if you have your expectations right. If you go thinking you are going to see all the starters whoop butt on the other team, you are mistaken and will definitely be disappointed.However, if you view it for what it really is: a tryout period for the new guys, you will have a new found appreciation for pre-season football.  Don't get caught up in the win or lose situation, because that doesn't really matter. Instead, look for a great plays by great new guys and try to predict who will make that final 53.One of those guys who I was really looking forward to seeing on the field, at least up until yesterday afternoon when he tore his ACL, is rookie RB Baron Batch. It's no secret that I love this kid.  And I have never even seen him play a second of football - but that's just it, he's such a good kid, it doesn't matter. If you aren't familiar with Baron - check out his blog - you will fall in love too.I'm also looking forward to seeing how Tyler Grisham does against the Redskins.  Reports from camp say that he's quickly becoming one of Ben's favorite targets, which is great for a kid moving up from practice squad. That's reminiscent of Isaac Redman, also one of my favorite underdog players to make the final 53. I'm now going to be looking for Jonathan Dwyer to step up and show something.I'm also going to be watching everyone in that secondary very, very closely. There's an opportunity for one of the new young men on the team to really show up. BMac won't be playing, which means Will gay will likely start and be done fairly quickly. It's no surprise that's a weak spot (please don't make me revisit that Patriots game again) so it's a really good opportunity for someone to do big things.But I think most importantly, I am going to be watching to see how quickly all three facets of the team - offense, defense and special teams - shake off the dust and play cohesively no matter who is on the field.Re-cap following the game. Oh, and please, even though wins and losses don't matter much in the pre-season, beat the Redskins just because.What will you be watching for? And what did you think about the Cotchery addition today?Did you watch the Ravens play tonight? What did you think?And don't forget, if you are looking for tickets to any games, check out Steelergurl Tickets on FB. My sponsor, TiqIQ is back for another year and they are anxious to help you all get to the games you want to get to at a great price.