Bri and LI know a lot of you never met my brother. That's too bad because he was a great guy. I miss him terribly. He drove me crazy, annoyed me to no end, but that void is something that I know I won't ever be able to replace. He also made me laugh. He was a great husband and father. A lifetime of memories.One of those memories is how he loved to golf.  That's what he and my Dad did. They golfed. My Dad recently recounted the first time my brother beat him on the golf course.  I don't know too many people who can beat my Dad and I sure don't know anyone who could have beat my brother. He was a great golfer.So it's fitting that his former colleagues at First National Bank decided to honor him with a golf outing. He would have loved that.So on behalf of my family, I would like to invite you to join us on Thursday, June 27 at the Lindenwood Golf Club located at 360 Galley Road, Canonsburg, PA for the First Annual Brian Mattas Memorial Golf Outing. A round of golf plus lunch and dinner is $150.Don't like to golf? Join us for dinner and the evening program (raffles, games and contests along with food) for just $35.There raffle tickets are $20 and the prizes are great.
  • First Prize: a 7 day/6 night stay in a Florida condo
  • Second Prize: a Hines Ward autographed jersey
  • Third Prize: 2 Pirates tix and 2 Steelers tix, both with a parking pass included.
  • And if you are a business owner, lots of sponsorship opportunities to consider too.
Below you will find the registration brochure.Hope to see you there!Mattas Brochure 3.19.13 (1)And if you are wondering what money from this event supports - well, it goes straight to the college fund for my two nieces, Emilie (7) and Kaitlyn (4).  We can''t replace their Daddy, but we can at least make sure they get to college.  Thanks everyone for your support. Looking forward to seeing you in June!Javonn (17), Emilie (7), Kaitlyn (4) and my puppy, Daisy.