It's December.Certainly not September.The Steelers have begun the final stretch and playoff spots are beginning to get locked up. San Francisco has already clinched their division. And the Packers are still undefeated. The AFC North is a little more difficult to predict. Both the Ravens and Steelers are 9-3 but the Ravens own the tie-breaker. Every game counts. One loss for either team can mean the world of difference.Today's win against the Bengals, while it started off in a slow, ugly place quickly became a blowout - and thankfully, since we're all tired of close, close games.So let's get into the game: A.J. Green is good. I don't want to take anything away from him. He's a great WR. I will, though, say there is no way this 43-yard catch should have happened.  He's the best WR on the Bengals, no way should he have been this wide open. Secondary has to do better than that. Granted, first time they have given up that much yardage, but it's December. Can't give that up.The defense overall didn't look bad though. Well, except for the likely suspects.  Woodley reinjured his hamstring, and we will all have to pray he gets healthy for this last stretch.Will Gay? We had a conversation today when I was hanging out with the DC Steel City Mafia about how much Gay has improved. Has he? My answer is somewhat. He's been a starter for basically 3 years. Being a starter means you have the ability to stop more plays than happen. But for Will, he gets beat more often than he has a great play. I don't like picking one player more than another, but seriously, if you or I did our job just one or two (maybe) times out of the week, we'd be fired. That's my point. He's improved, incrementally, yes. Is he a weakness? yes. Should teams target his side of the field? I would. Can he get better? Only Will knows. It's not talent. He has that. Is it football IQ? Maybe. In my opinion, the jury is still out on him. I will let the season play out before I throw my hands up. What do you think?On the more positive side. Do we have WRs or what? I have seen a lot of media talking about the Young Money crew and how the Steelers might have the best young receivers in the League. I don't disagree. At. All. I mean, have you see this?  See AB run back a punt for a TD.Add to that this and this.And don't forget this one.And if I hear anyone refer to Hines status as "benched" again, well, we might have to have a little private discussion. And it might not be pretty. Congrats to Hines on being 19th player in NFL history to have more than 12,000 yards receiving.And don't forget the running game. Mendenhall and Isaac Redman had some big plays today.Ben also had a big day. He passed Terry Bradshaw's record with 2,026 completions as of today.The key for making it to the Bowl that is Super for the Steelers is as simple as staying healthy and playing smart.Every other week I ask who is calling the plays. Whoever did so today needs to do so every game the rest of the season.Aright, short week, you ready?I hope to see lots more of this:Special shout out to Boss Steeler Chick and her husband, Ray. Had a great time today and thanks for inviting me to your event. Met a lot of great people and had fun, a Steelers win makes for the good time, too! Thank you!