I already have braced myself for the comments that are sure to come, but I will preface all of that with this: I love the game. Football goes beyond my love of team to the fact that it represents bonding with my father, my family and my friends.Yes, I am mad that the Steelers aren't playing this weekend. Yes, I wish they were. Yes, I love my team.But today, against all better judgment, I am not cheering for anyone, but if I were, I kinda hope it's an underdog weekend.Oh, I hear all of you groaning. I hear all of your arguments. I hear some of you saying I am not a real Steelers fan. Well, we all know that's not true. So hear me out on my argument for my leanings today.First, I am supporting my girl @theNFLChick. As you can see from her status update below, she's no different than we are in fandom. She cheers for her home team just like we do. She buys tickets, travels to games, wears jerseys, and even has a Ravens license plate on her car. As a football fan, you have to respect that. You certainly understand it, it's not like we don't have the same attitude towards our home team. I am not suggesting at all that we turn in our black and gold cards for purple cards. I am just stating the fact that it's kind of tough to dislike the Ravens fans right now when they aren't that much different than we are. They are just geographically somewhere else. I have said it before and I will say it again, the AFC North is the best division in football. They play with heart, passion and lots of defense. All of them, Bengals and Browns included. I'm old school, I am loyal to my team first, but I do kind of feel some sense of...something....towards the other teams in the AFCN. Weird, yes. It's like the big brother who kicks your butt on a daily basis but then stands up for you when someone else wants to kick your butt.Of course, I'm also blinded by my irrational dislike of the Patriots. Tom Brady is good. He's the best, in fact. And I can't stand him. I just can't bring myself to like them or even cheer for them even in the slightest bit. That doesn't mean I will disown any of you for getting past my irrational thoughts and being on the other side of "not cheering for anyone" today. Really, it doesn't matter, right? Our team isn't there and as long as it's good football, who cares. But I just can't even begin to get excited about a Super Bowl that has the Patriots playing anyone. Yuck. And yes, I recognize that it's totally  irrational.The other side of the NFL kind of has me hoping for the underdog as well. Yes, I know San Fran has 5 rings and another would bring them even with the Steelers. Yes, the hype surrounding a Harbaugh Bowl would be almost disgusting, but there's something about this 49ers team I like. Think about where they were 2 years ago. They sucked. Remember the whole Crabtree hold out drama? They have come a long way. While I don't really like either Harbaugh really, they are decent coaches. My dad loves Eli Manning. Even he seemed to not really have a favorite. I am not NOT cheering for the Giants, I am just not going to be mad if it's an upset Sunday. I want to see good football played today.That's the bottom line, if you love the game you love the game.Let's see good football and roll on to the 2012 season.