I'm about as sick of this song as everyone else, but this has to be the best parody yet.And timely, of course. lolhttp://youtu.be/AzPBcCF9yKc This is what the NFL has been reduced to so far this season, pure parody.I won't boycott the season, but this can't continue. Today, the NFLPA put out a statement of concern for the players. It was the right move. In this case, a lawsuit could be warranted.  Of course, even fans outrage doesn't necessarily mean the League will move on something. They are bringing in the money no matter what. According to SI and ESPN, they received 70,000 voicemails after last night's game. SportsCenter had the most viewers in history. Fans, players and coaches (except maybe the Seahawks) are all angry. The problem isn't necessarily one bad call. The problem is that there are consistently bad and missed calls in all games every week. Football is about who works harder and grinds it out that week, who has talent and who shows up to play. We play the games because anything can happen in the NFL. But last night was ridiculous.