In The Ones Who Hit the Hardest - The Steelers, the Cowboys, the 70s and the Fight for America's Soul, Chad Millman and Shawn Coyne paint a picture of what football meant to the city of Pittsburgh and other blue-collar manufacturing and steel towns during the 70s.  The stories in the book set the foundation for the game of football we all know and love today.  From the rivalries to my own personal dislike of the Dallas Cowboys, Millman and Coyne do a great job highlighting the rise of the Steelers after 36 winless seasons with Chuck Noll now at the helm as well as the detailed statistical analysis Tom Landry and the Cowboys used in forecasting a players success in their system.This book is for the history buff and the football fan.For Steelers fans, it's a must read and a thumbs up.  Steelergurl's Pop will read it next. Maybe I can get him to update the review since he has a much better memory and a totally different perspective of the early 70s.It's a great book and I recommend you all put it on your "must read list."