[picappgallerysingle id="9581248"]Today's the day. Ravens vs. Steelers. Without Ben. Without Ed Reed. Maybe without Ray Rice.Bottom line, doesn't matter who is on the field, this will be a hard fought defensive battle, low scoring and tough.When I was on the Rob Long Show the other day, callers talked about the Ravens having the best overall defense in the league - allowing the fewest yards on total offense might be true, but it's the big plays that make a difference. In that case, the Steelers come out on top.  Today's game isn't going to be won on offense, though it will be the QB who can make the plays and the least amount of mistakes that scores points.  Today's game won't be won on defense alone either.  Today's game will be won by the team that can make the big plays, the team that can force the other team to make costly mistakes.I predict, based on the way the Steelers have been playing, that they are the victors in this match.  They have provn ability to make big plays - force fumbles, interceptions and hold opponents.  The Ravens might have Ray Ray today, but we have a tough 11 on defense.  The Ravens offensive line isn't tough enough to stop the Steelers defense today.  I predict Flacco will be on his back at least 3 times today and be forced to throw quickly the rest.  I also think the Steelers secondary recognizes Flacco's dependence on Boldin and will shut that down most of the day.My prediction - Steelers 17 - Ravens 10.And for that other PA rivalry game taking place today, I predict the Eagles will run right through the Redskins.  The Bears over the Giants too...Enjoy gameday!