There's a fan poll on the Steelers site asking fans who they think deserves the 2010 MVP.  That's a tough call.  The thing about the Steelers is that they win or lose as a team.  I think there are great plays in great games and typically an individual steps up, but it's not always the same person.  Leading the pack (as of today, anyway) Troy has more than 30% of the vote.  I agree, Troy had some great plays and created situations that allowed the Steelers to win. He would be my defensive choice for MVP and clearly was the League's.But I also think Rashard Mendenhall deserves a shout out.  He was a workhorse for us this year.  How many times did he spin move and gain an extra yard or two or five beyond the initial tackle?So, my offensive MVP goes to Rashard.But I have to admit, if we had won that game in Dallas, I would probably be saying that team accolade should go to Ben.  *sigh* It's tough when you lose, isn't it?Who is your 2010 MVP?