Brady sacked


There’s not a whole lot that makes me more angry than losing to the Patriots. There’s just not. The thing is, after a few days of cooling off, I have realized that the Patriots didn’t really beat the Steelers, the Steelers beat the Steelers. Especially on defense.

Gronk didn’t beat you, Steelers. You didn’t even try to stop him. You didn’t cover him and you didn’t even have enough guys on the field half the time. If this were high school, Saturday morning you would have been out there running hills carrying bricks until you knew the formations and what personnel was supposed to be in for each coverage scenario. I mean, come on, that’s basic football. You learned that a million years ago when you first picked up a football. Gronk didn’t beat you. You just didn’t cover him.

I will say that the defensive line didn’t look as bad as the secondary. And hey,┬áBud, how did that sack on Brady feel? Keep coming with those, we like to see that.

The offense seems to not have got past the red zone issues faced last year. The Steelers moved the ball. That really wasn’t the problem. Ben threw for 351 yards (26/38) and Brady threw for 288 yards (25/32). I thought DeAngelo Williams kicked butt running the ball. He did serious work while Bell was suspended this week. He had 21 carries for 127 yards but it sure felt like a lot more yards while watching. On the receiving end, AB had 9 receptions for 133 yards and 1 TD (compare that to Gronk at 5 receptions for 94 yards and 3 TDs. That’s the difference, the TDs).

There was a definitely some craziness going on: first of all, the headset problem. Come on. There’s no way in hell I believe it was a sheer coincidence. It was a big eff you to the league from the Pats because they knew it was basically something that could never be proven. It wasn’t the reason the Steelers didn’t win, but it’s still just shady. And all the Pats lovers cannot deny that your team is shady. That’s just fact at this point.

The second thing, and I think did have an impact on the game, was that goal line penalty called on the Steelers – that 5 yards played a big role in the game. The Steelers were drawn off by the shift on the left side and that false start was a problem. But overall, the Steelers have got to do better on red zone offense. It’s been a problem for years, if we’re being honest. Can this be the year we get past it?

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the trick play during the first drive. Haley, if you want people to stop with the #FireHaley thing, don’t call plays like that in the beginning of a game when you were moving the ball JUST fine prior to that. *rolls eyes* There’s a time and a place, that just wasn’t it.

Overall, I don’t think the season is lost based on what I saw. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Especially you, secondary, I am looking at you. Because I would have made you all grab a brick and run across the Hot Metal Bridge and up to Oakland and around the Cathedral of Learning and back following that shitty performance, but lucky for you, I am not the coach.

And the offense was basically still cooking, even without Bell and Bryant. So, clean up the little penalty problems and maybe actually get a red zone offense and that’s all good.

I’m ready for week two. But I will sit here and watch games today, just to see what’s up.

Let’s focus on the 49ers next up. Home game. Heinz Field better be rockin’!