Pats fans are the only ones who love #TomShady

I hate the Patriots. If you know me, you already are aware of that.

There is no other quarterback quite as capable of shredding the Steelers secondary in the same way Tom Brady can. He makes those guys look like Pop Warner kids playing against grown men. It’s embarrassing and I hate them. (I don’t hate the Ravens nearly as much as I hate the Pats)

But clearly, I am not the only one.

billboard created by Jets fans

billboard created by Jets fans

Looks like Jets fans feel the same. As do the other 31 teams’¬†fans. The higher they fly, the harder they fall. The crown prince has fallen and we all couldn’t be happier.

But don’t all teams try to find that edge? The competitive advantage? The thing about this situation is that the Patriots have already been down this road and got caught. So, is this really about “deflated balls” or is it about a pattern of cheating? I will have to go with the latter.

That said, the NFL needs to take a fresh look at punishments handed down and how they are determined and also, how that is communicated to the fans. Meaning, we should not have to guess what a punishment would be on any given issue.

The punishment for Ben should not have been more than the punishment for Ray Rice.

The punishment for the Patriots should not be less than what it was for the Saints.

At least that’s my opinion. I’m a fan. I hope that the integrity of the game is now in tact.

Just play football.

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