Monday. All shit hit the fan.

Antonio Brown didn’t show up for OTAs and everyone everywhere has decided he’s holding out.

But is he?

Or is he really just taking paternity leave of sorts and spending time with his newborn child?

I agree with those who think he’s underpaid based on his performance and compared to other receivers. However, in 2012, he signed a 6 year deal. The Steelers aren’t going to renegotiate that deal yet. I am sure, if he performs again this fall he will get a fair deal. But that’s a season away.

Now that being said, how did this rumor even get started? The news outlets that reached out to Brown’s agent (Drew Rosenhaus) said he did not comment. Brown was tweeting that he’ll be there. That he’s looking forward to being with his teammates. And then finally he tweeted he’s spending time with his newborn child.

So, did someone make all this up? Or they just “assumed” because he wasn’t at OTAs? And then in the all quick scramble to have the news first, everyone rushed to write a story, any story?

I don’t know. First of all, this isn’t really ABs style. Since his rookie season he’s stayed in Pittsburgh for the majority of his off-season training time. He was rewarded for outstanding play with a nice contract. And yes, I think he should get some more dollars. However, do you think he didn’t see what happened to Mike Wallace and then Emmanuel Sanders? Yeah, they got contracts, but Wallace had nothing else but the money in Miami and Sanders has had an ok time in Denver, but I don’t think he’s still reached the potential they thought he would (for the record, I think this year is Es year). I just don’t see AB as the hold out drama king type. Rosenhaus, yes. But I don’t see AB doing that, especially since he already knows the Steelers don’t play that game well. Having a conversation. A business conversation as adults will work out much better. Ben surely didn’t take his last contract negotiations public and put the full diva on display and I definitely don’t see AB doing that either.

So, let’s step back, away from the keyboard and relax.

AB will be there. He might renegotiate a new contract, but he’ll be there.

And if he’s not, you can bring me back to this post and roast me on twitter. I’m pretty sure I am right on this one.