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It’s amazing what adding a playoff system can do to a sport and conference.

I’m a B1G fan. And I am thrilled to see that a championship in both football and basketball could be possible in the same year.


For years, the B1G has been dissed as a weak conference – especially in football.

People will continue to say that the bottom of the conference is weak and so while the top teams can compete, the bottom can’t. My response? When is the last time Vandy or Arkansas competed for the top spot? Or Washington State or Colorado?

That argument is weak. How about that?

The B1G deserves some respect. No, you aren’t going to get the showboating that happens in some other conferences, but you know what? In football, you get smashmouth. Sometimes you get a boring game, depending on what you like.

And in basketball, you will have your Michigan’s and Michigan State’s. And guess what, how about Wisconsin?

The ACC is such a better basketball conference, the naysayers will say. So outside of Duke and UNC year in and year out, where are the rest?

(Sorry, my Pitt Panthers, you should be in this conversation, but alas, you aren’t.)

The argument that the B1G is a weak conference just doesn’t stand. Not anymore.

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