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I see the stories saying the  Steelers want to trade Markus Wheaton.

Maybe they are true, but why?

He is still on his rookie salary, so its not a cap issue.

Did a Ravens fan start this rumor?


Sure, Martavis Bryant did end up having a great year despite not being active the first half the season. The only reason I would think Wheaton would be on the trade table is if there was a greater need on the Steelers that can’t be found in the draft and they can fill it from a team that needed a WR.

Having 3 good WRs on an active roster is pretty normal, yes? Yes.

There has to be an underlying reason, IF the rumor is true, that has nothing to do with Wheaton’s performance but more about his overall value.

Another reason I can’t wrap my head around this being true is when is the last time the Steelers traded a solid player to get a solid player? I just can’t think of a trade situation where that happened. And even when Holmes was traded, he was traded for draft picks.

I see Wheaton as more valuable than draft picks. What happened to the three Bs afterall? Or 4 if you count Ben?

Maybe I am completely off base with not trusting this rumor, it just doesn’t sound very “steeler-esque.” I could see him being a free agent and testing the market for money at the end of his contract, but I just don’t see a trade.

If there’s a WR on the roster who I think needs to prove himself, it’s Dri Archer. He’s fast, yes. But unless he gets his hands on the ball, I don’t see why he’s necessary in this offense. If you aren’t on the field, who cares how fast you are? And a running back he’s not. Not in this league. He’s too small.  I’m wondering, though, why he doesn’t get some of the return duties. I would rather see him try his hand at that rather than risk Brown being injured. If he’s on the active roster this year, I hope that there’s a reason.

For now, though, I don’t see this rumor having any weight, but perhaps there’s a target in the draft that the Steelers want to be sure to grab so they are looking for extra draft picks. I can’t think who is worth dropping Wheaton, but I have been wrong before. Right now, though, I just don’t think this rumor has merit.

Time will tell.

Maybe it was an April Fools joke like other rumors?!