Sarah Thomas Photo courtesy of CBS Sports media


The NFL gets something right. (at least according to the Baltimore Sun)

Congratulations Sarah Thomas.

Women are more than just cheerleaders. We are fans.

We know the game just as well as anyone else (and sometimes better, try me).

It’s about time that the NFL start adding women to roles that have been primarily held my men. There’s absolutely nothing that says only a man knows the rules to the game of football. Thomas has already been officiating in the B1G. She started her career officiating high school games and has worked her way up, just like a man.

I was listening to “The Herd” this morning and while Colin was happy to break the news, I also felt the conversation about how he would have to man the phones (see what I did there) for an hour just to take all the calls on men who don’t think a woman should be officiating, was just adding to the misogynistic attitude of the men who listen to his show. (Hey Colin, I was listening, and I am not a man, but usually I am at work!)

I’m not going to let those goofballs out there ruin this great accomplishment though, it’s about time the league recognizes that half the fans are women, and on the other half, we probably control what money they spend on football anyway – so purse strings? Yeah, we own them.

But today, I give a big thumbs up for this hire. Good move, NFL, good move.